Narendra Modi’s amazing speech @ SRCC Delhi!

Some amazing insights from Narendra Modi’s SRCC speech today at Delhi. Some are my instant reactions while hearing this outstanding speech. If you didn’t listen to the speech yet, this would give you a gist of the entire speech.

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1) “65% population is below 35 in India. Europe and China have become old. But India is not using the demographic advantage well” – Modi

2) “Gujarat is like this. Idhar Registan aur udhar Pakistan” – Modi. Gets applause!

3) “In Gujarat during May,at 44’C, 1 month long Krishi Mahotsav is held. 1 Lakh govt employees will visit villages for knowledge sharing”- Modi

4) “In 2001, Gujarat produced 23,00,000 bales of cotton production. Today, 1,23,00,000 bales per year” – Modi at SRCC. WOW!!!

5) What a speech by Narendra Modi.. What a speech!! If India does not get this man as PM, that would be India’s loss of the century..

6) Modi is telling at SRCC that purchasing power of villages is the key for growing the economy of the nation. Is he the economist or Manmohan?

7) “Gujarat has the world’s only Forensic Science University. Israel, Australia and others are joining hands now” – Narendra Modi at SRCC.

8) Gujarat created a Raksha Shakti University. Also created India’s 1st Indian Institute of Teachers Education.Let’s export teachers to world!

9) Modi used a very interesting term at SRCC in Dilli – “Mob psychology”. Man, this man is not just a genius, he is also making his state smart

10) Modi said something very interesting. “I visited Japan, on the invitation of Japan’s government”. How many Indian CMs got this invite? 🙂

11) Hahaha.. “India conducted CWG. Why did it conduct? Those who organized knew well why they conducted” – Modi. Crowd laughs hard 🙂

12) “We pulled of Vibrant Gujarat, with 10 days of preparation, and got 121 countries’ participants” – Modi. This man is an incredible leader!

13) “If India needs to build brand name around the world, two things need utmost focus: 1) Zero Defect. 2) Packaging ” – Narendra Modi at SRCC.

14) Treat the youth of India as “New Age Power”, not “New Age Voter” only, says Modi. Great message to all politicians of India.

15) “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance is my principle” – Narendra Modi at SRCC. This man knows his stuff really well!

16) Modi making the youngsters of SRCC dream with that Metro coach production story. I wish when I was in college, a leader like him visited us.

17) Standing ovation at SRCC for Narendra Modi’s amazing speech. And this man did NOT speak about religion or caste. He spoke of development!

18) In 45 minutes, Narendra Modi put more thoughts & dreams into the minds of #SRCC students, than all their college books/lectures, combined!

I am a different person. For me, a glass half filled with water is not half empty either. Its a full glass-half water, half air. I am full of hope. Hope in India’s future- Narendra Modi at SRCC while interacting with youths.

Narendra Modi said all this from his heart. was not reading.


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