Wives and GirlFriends of Indian Cricketers

With the upcoming World Cup 2011, many cricket lovers are curious to find out more and more information on cricketers and their lives on and off the field. An important part of the lives are the WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends) of these cricketers.

We present an article on the WAGs of the members of the team representing our country at the World Cup.

Anjali Tendulkar

The Little Master’s not-so-little wife is a doctor by profession and is the mother of two kids. She has been the pillar of strength for the rock of Team India.
Often seen at different matches featuring her husband, she would probably be seen at the upcoming matches of World Cup 2011.

Sakshi Rawat

A hotel management student, Mrs. Dhoni has won the hearts of cricket watchers with her friendly demeanour and refreshing attitude.She is often seen cheering on the stands for the Indian captain. She has brought the much required glamour on and off the Indian cricket team.

Geeta Basra

Spectators will be eagerly anticipating to see a glimpse of Bollywood in the World Cup 2011 in the form of Harbhajan Singh’s on and off girlfriend, Geeta Basra. The glamorous actress cheered for Bhajji during and IPL match and the same would be expected of her in the World Cup too.

Aanchal Kumar

Yuvraj Singh’s latest flame is none other than the supermodel and ex-contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’ Aanchal Kumar.She definitely adds a great deal of spark to the list of WAGs of the Indian cricketers.

Aarti Sehwag

She is the wife of the current favorite in the cricket team, Virender Sehwag. She is a graduate and is a great support system for the batsmen irrespective of his form. She forms an integral part of the WAGs of the Indian cricket team.

Source: www.in.lifestyle.yahoo.com

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  1. Best couple in the world tendulkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrand everybody love tendulker becuese tendulker is guru of cricket anybody can/t break record of sachin and Indian team can/t do anything without sach I love u sach

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